Glassware market – garage sales

MON 01.10.2018 (20:30) // Laboratory glassware sales 
Top Space: Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

This is a special event where we organise garage sales with laboratory glassware. We give away our extra glassware at small prices (5-10 Euro). Our team of experts will introduce the glassware and show different at-home use for them. Read More

HUMUS (sapiens)

SUN 07.10.2018, (17:00) at TOP Project Space,
Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

Hosted by TOP, the mini residence by Julian Chollet ends up with a workshop on soil: together with Mindaugas Gapsevicius and Juan Pablo Diaz, we invite you to explore the organic matter of the soil and processes including composting, and digesting. What is humus? What are excrements? What is the role of microbes in soil formation? Participants are invited to reflect on current scientific discourses and critical societal challenges through hands-on tinkering and curiosity-driven research. Read More

Life play (the bright side of genetic engineering)

MON 08.10.2018 (19:00) // LECTURE, WORKSHOP
Top Space: Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

The lecture aims to demystify genetic engineering and bring into attention the future implications of such technology. A hands-on workshop follows, where participants will engineer a fluorescent gene (GFP) into gut bacteria (E. coli). Practically, we will take a gene that exists in jelly fish and insert it into the genome of E. coli (bacteria in your guts). Consequently, the genetically modified E. coli will become fluorescent, i.e., it will glow when UV light is shone upon it (like in the image above). Read More