June-July 2012, Kassel

The city of Kassel in Germany — some say “near Frankfurt” — is known as the place for the “world’s largest art exhibition”. Every five years a “circus” comes to town and expulses the normal day life and wakes a Sleeping Beauty. Thus Kassel is known for the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm as well as for armament industries. In fact the exhibition Documenta is an outcome of the cold war depression in this region and is internally quite inconsistent, since there are some effects to the population. But on the one hand these remain cursorily on the surface, on the other hand they are burried deeply — for instance the believe in art as social practice or the educational benefit of internationality. Taking this as an operation field the top e.V. association, which has strong and cultivated ties to Kassel, will open up a working and festivity space called sketchily “POT” in Kassel during Summer 2012. The association seeks to invite all interested parties to find ways of co-operation for this undertaking. This can be a rent-the-space action or a symposion about the questionable terms of gentrification. The POT will offer infrastructure and support for foreign cultural producers and create a program for discussions and presentations.

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