Untitled. Detail. Lisa-Rike Birkholz. 2013

MigAA – Creative Un(A)Counting – Call

Creative Un(A)Counting – Call for the new MigAA Laboratory in Vilnius
9-14 December, 2013, gallery “Akademija”, Pilies str. 44/2, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Numeric representation of reality, as ubiquitous as it is, is not being commonly approached as one of the typical creative strategies, perhaps due to the fact that it communicates in many cases a pure factual data leaving other narrative devices aside. However numbers tend to be universally and easily understood in relationship to each other (3 is more than 1, and etc.), along with such cognitive basics as comprehension of size and of the distance. Civilizations are intrinsically numeric. Digital revolution aside, amount of numbers we deal with is dramatically increasing with every new generation. In many cases we, as social beings, are being defined by the numbers.

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