MigAA – Fictiocratic Operation no. 27C

27 Dec 2013 – 2 Jan 2014, Ptarmigan, Tallinn, Estonia
Call for participants till 20 Nov

Our social life is based on conventions: conventions of how to behave in cafés, shops, lectures and family dinners. All of these conventions are creations. They are not creations of one author, but something that has been collectively brought to being through the passage of cultural phenomena. Nevertheless, they are creations in the same sense than an artwork is a creation. Such behavioral patters could be created just as artworks are, and offered to the society as potential conventions. Fictiocratic Operation no. 27C laboratory aims to acknowledge and explore such possibilities during the New Year’s holiday, a time full of repeatable, socially accepted rituals often created on a fictional basis, the same fiction which artworks can be. After all, Santa Claus or New Year’s dress parties are the same fictional formations as a film of a worldwide catastrophe or a murder which happens on a theatre stage.
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