Common(s)Lab – Nachbarschaftslabor is an experimental playground for everyone in our ‘kiez’ and beyond to develop and strengthen communities and practices of sharing. Our aim is to foster more communal, convivial and caring ways of living, thinking and acting together, which acknowledge our mutual dependencies and relationships to all kinds of others (including bees, bears, bacteria and so on :)).
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Recent workshops on making penicillin at home and research on how to clone one’s own body have opened up a relatively unexplored field of DIY practices related to experiments with the body. On the other hand, similar experiments are often associated with AI in science fiction movies and novels.

One well-known self-surgeries under “real-life conditions” was performed by Leonid Rogozov. In 1961 during his expedition to the Antarctic, which at that time was not really an inhabited place, Rogozov performed an appendectomy on himself. While humanity dreams about space travel, we often forget to ponder the question of “What if…?” What if there is no chance of asking another for help fulfilling one or the other task? What if certain experimentation is restricted by law? There are also other related questions, like “How far can I experiment with my own body?” or “To whom do parts of my body belong if they are detached from my body?

This new workshop series on self-repair is a reference to non-traditional contexts where certain social considerations are excluded under certain circumstances, or to the contexts of malfunctioning systems, especially of those related to one’s own body. The Self-repair series is about an ability to identify and to fix one’s own systems. Self-repair is also about experiments that might not be tolerated by society and that might instead be considered unethical.

Magazine Launch and Get-Together: ‘New Media Art’ Issue

4.2.2017 21:00
@ Top Schillerpalais

Please come and join us on Saturday 4th February for an informal get-together and magazine launch at Top Schillerpalais. Exhibist magazine’s issue #11 was just published with a special focus on ‘New Media Art’ – grab your copy right there, meet the people featured and involved in this issue and have a drink with us to celebrate our last edition!

Issue #11 features interviews with media theorist and curator Ebru Yetiskin (by Mine Kaplangı) and Kristoffer Gansing, artistic director of transmediale – festival for art and digital culture berlin (by Tuce Erel)
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Photo: Albert Sten

Free(k): 15 emerging photographers from Stockholm

Photo exhibition of students from the Kulturama Gymnasium in Stockholm.

January 18–21st 2018
Opening reception 6pm, 18th January 2018
Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

Free(k) is a photography exhibition by the current students of Kulturama School of Photography in Stockholm. It includes the individual work from fifteen photographers who all with their own vision explore subjects such as freedom and singularity.

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Kitchenlab @ Vorspiel Opening, ACUD MACHT NEU

On 20 January 2017 at 18:00 the Vorspiel opens at ACUD MACHT NEU, preceding the 2017 edition of transmediale and CTM Festival. The pre-festival program, coordinated by transmediale/resource, transmediale, and CTM festival continues the mission of strengthening and expanding the Berlin based network of organizations, galleries, independent project spaces, and other venues from the field of digital art and culture as well as experimental music and sound art.
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