Algature workshop with Fara Peluso about Diatoms and how to grow them.
Saturday 28th April 3-6pm

Diatoms are photosynthetic microalgae that produce 20% of the oxygen on Earth. They are the most important little organisms that most people never heard of! Although tiny, diatoms play an immense role in keeping the planet’s ecosystem working. They’re important mediators of carbon and oxygen cycles, an integral component of marine food webs and the principal cycles of silica, which constitutes 25% of the Earth’s crust.
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Private View The painting laboratory- Gestures of Alchemy

Friday 5th May 6-10pm

Group show with works by Jonathan Stubbs, Louise Mary Thomas and Hannah-Turner-Duffin.

curated by Søren August Vallø Jacobsen and Alice Morey




Beyond the depth of

Beyond the mark,
Cluster of granules,
Of lines that fade in and out,
Up and down,
Moving with an uncontrollable stream of consciousness,
Weaving in, dipping.’

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penicillin on orange

>My very first attempt to grow Penicillin

Workshop with Mindaugas Gapsevicius

Saturday, April 22, 3pm @ >top Schillerpalais

Penicillin is a group of antibiotics produced from penicillium fungi lurking around bread, citric fruits, and all around. It kills a number of pathogenic bacteria and is considered to be a kind of useful antibiotic for humans. While actually growing penicillium molds, we will talk about interaction between fungi and bacteria. We will also discuss up to date issues around antibiotics and probiotics.
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