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Liebe Freunde von >top!
Unser Mitglied und einer der Mit-Begründer des Projektraumes >top, Axel Daniel Reinert, ist leider am Mittwoch, den 29. August 2018 von uns gegangen. Read More

Let it glow! bioluminescence Workshop

Mon 17.09.2018 (19:00). TOP at Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

Living in a voluntary relationship with the sea animals, Photobacterium has developed a social sense directly connected to its bioluminescence. In this open workshop, everyone will influence the social life of Photobacterium in an attempt to make it glow. Practically, you will learn to culture the bacteria on agar plates and then grow it at home until it glows beautifully. Everyone is welcome to the workshop, that means also children and young adults. No prior knowledge is needed and all the materials are provided by us. Read More

Posthumanism Reading Group

8th Session: 19.09.2018 (18:30)
TopLab: Schillerpromenade 4

Welcome to the Post-humanism reading group at >top Lab

During this reading group, we will read and discuss the theory of Posthumanism. Additionally, there will be parallel events and we will invite artists, researchers, academics to present their work. Read More

Trash Palace – Screening

Next Date: September 20. 2018
Doors from 19:30, Film at 20:30
At TopLab: Schillerpromenade 4, 12049

Trash Palace is a monthly screening of rare B-Movies and trash films. Films that are not widely available and rarely seen anywhere. Funny, strange, whimsical, weird, musical, apocalyptic. So bad they’re good. Read More

Fluid-me (DIY microfluidics)

Mon. 24.09.2018 (16:30) in TOP at Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

Today, diagnosis requires patients to see a doctor to provide samples, which are then sent to a wetlab. The lab conducts tests on the samples and reports back to the doctor, who ultimately reports back to the patient. This process tends to take days or even weeks – valuable time during which patients live in uncertainty and disease is allowed to spread. What if instead doctors could perform the tests while the patient waits? Or, what if we could empower patients to perform selected tests at home, as part of their decision whether to see a doctor in the first place? Read More