Shared Matters Poster

Shared Matters

Opening: 1st of April 2017, 7pm

Dataflow and BioArt courses at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar come together to showcase and test drive their explorations dealing with networking and symbiosis, while touching upon an understanding of aesthetics and the environment that goes beyond the human sphere. Loosely connected to Bruno Latour’s actor-network-theory and Donna Haraway’s symbiotic kin-making, these experiments incorporate real-time computer interfaces using video, sound and movement, as well as intra- and interspecies interaction between bacteria, protists and fungi.
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The Pacific Wall

The Pacific Wall.
Artistic strategies between Bauhaus and Silicon Valley
Opening 24th March at 7pm

After its continuous expansion towards the West, the tidal wave of European modernism broke at the “Pacific Wall” (Lyotard), returning as the fractured post-modernism of computerized society. Today, the “disruptive” technologies of Silicon Valley mark the latest result of this break, which left us inhabitants of a world that is so fundamentally computerized some call it “post-digital.” While the political organization of this world is currently being renegotiated, one answer to its complexities to some seems to be the construction of actual walls.
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The circle is finished

Opening: 4th of March 2017 from 7pm
Artist Talk at 7pm

Location: >top Schillerpalais, Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin 

Zuzanna Skiba is a Berlin based artist who shows her recent work “The circle is finished”. The artist talk on Saturday 4th of March is about the completely lonely residence-time on the island Fruholmen in Norway. This is the island situated above the North cape and is considered to be the most northern island in the world that has a lighthouse.
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At the limits of perception and cognition

Opening event: February 24 2017, 7pm – 10pm
Exhibition: February 25 – 26 2017, 12am – 6 pm”

Traditionally the arts (when not being strictly conceptual) function within the natural boundaries of human perception where its purpose is to tickle the human cognition. But what happens if we push those boundaries to the very limit or even beyond (human) perception and thus focusing on this threshold or transition between cognition, perception, sensation as well as the non-anthropocentric?
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Transmediale Vorspiel Event #6: Distillation

with Matthias Roth

24.02.2017 3-6pm

Distillation is a simple chemical process of separating the component substances from a liquid mixture by selective evaporation and condensation. The oldest described distillation equipment dates from about 5500 b.c. which was a pot with top on which sponges where mounted and just squeezed after boiling. Common uses of Distillation are extracting gasoline from petroleum and producing Ethanol. On this we will focus in this workshop.
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