Still from Roses for Sofia, video, 2016. Duration, 2,45


The Incandescent Ephermeral
Ginny Sykes

Opening: 15.10 at 7pm
@ >top Schillerpalais, Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

The Incandescent Ephemeral brings together new works in photography, video, and installation (2015/2016) by American artist Ginny Sykes for her solo exhibition opening October 15th at Schillerpalais, in Berlin, Germany. From her recent solo show, Tangle of Existence, journalist and curator Daniela Ricci Sykes writes that Sykes bases her works on “a re-visitation and re-actualization of the mythic, intending a meditation on our roots, memories, traces, feelings and emotions, with regard for all the philosophical implications that these topics involve. Read More

Kitchenlab stockholm

Kitchenlab at Alt_Cph16 Crosscuts

Kitchenlab stops at the Copenhagen’s alternative art fair Alt_Cph 16 Crossscuts, which takes place between September 2-4 2016 at The Factory of Art & Design. In 2016 Copenhagen’s alternative art fair Alt_Cph gathers platforms and initiatives working beyond the scope of the conventional artist-run space. The invited participants share an artistic practice that is crosscutting with everyday systems and structures, making them products of their surroundings, and vice versa.

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‘Butoh Elementals: A Four Part Intellectual & Physical Approach to Exploration’

‘Butoh Elementals: A Four Part Intellectual & Physical Approach to Exploration’

Workshop by Holly Chernobyl
Friday 9th August, 12-4pm in Top Schillerpalais.

In Ghost & the Voice, we will activate our glands using vocalizations, work with the parasympathetic nervous system through movement and sound, and explore the ghost.
Ask: what is a ghost? How does a ghost relate to time?

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Post-Morphosis: Entanglement

Freitag 26. August 2016, 18 – 21 Uhr

In the framework of Post-Morphosis, an exhibition and dialogue series: Entanglement is an collaborational artistic dialogue where artworks by Alice Morey interact with structures and displays created by Søren August Vallø Jacobsen to take place at >top Schillerpalais, Berlin.
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