Common(s)Lab – Nachbarschaftslabor is an experimental playground for everyone in our ‘kiez’ and beyond to develop and strengthen communities and practices of sharing. Our aim is to foster more communal, convivial and caring ways of living, thinking and acting together, which acknowledge our mutual dependencies and relationships to all kinds of others (including bees, bears, bacteria and so on :)).
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>SFL tool#2 Mixed reality world building

Mixed Reality World Building with Toto

Thursday, Feb. 15th, 17.00-21.00h

!!Dieser Workshop findet auf deutsch statt.
Workshop language is german. If you do not speak german and want to participate, get in contact with us- we will figure out sth.!!

Meet Toto (Turn On That Object)!
Führt Eure Spieler*innen mit Hilfe des Toto-Smartphone-Client durch interaktive Geschichten und Spiele, schickt sie an verschiedene Orte, stellt ihnen Rätsel und andere Aufgaben und lasst sie- unterschiedliche Enden erleben.
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DIY Furniture building workshop

>DIY Furniture Building Workshop #1

With Veiko

Over the course of several months, Common(s)Lab will facilitate a series of DIY (or rather, Do-It-Together) neighbourhood building workshops with the assistance of a skilled craftsman, Veiko from Estonia. Together with participants, we will salvage wood and other materials from in and around the neighbourhood to construct tables, chairs, and planter boxes, and more – and learn about simple construction techniques, materials, sustainable surface treatment, and also, the background and causes of bulky waste and the issues connected to it.

Saturday, February 10 at 11 AM – 4 PM
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SNIFF: Scent & Space

With Elise Mattisson Chue, Klara Ravat and Gert-Jan Stam (TAAT).

Fri 9th February 2018, 7pm

How do scent and people interact in a particular place or space?

Can we direct people’s behavior through implementing a scent design in a specific place? How do people operate when a certain aroma is spread in the public transport? What are their reactions?
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Real existing communities

>Commons Reading Group #3 | On/Off Book Presentation

We have a very exciting edition of the reading group coming up – following a reading of Stavros Stavrides’ text ‘Common Space as Threshold Space: Urban Commoning in Struggles to Re-appropriate Public Space’, we will have a book presentation from the Berlin-based architecture collective On/Off and various contributors to their new book ‘Co-Machines: A Book of Mobile Disruptive Architecture’.

Wednesday, February 7 at 6:30 PM – 10 PM
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Recent workshops on making penicillin at home and research on how to clone one’s own body have opened up a relatively unexplored field of DIY practices related to experiments with the body. On the other hand, similar experiments are often associated with AI in science fiction movies and novels.

One well-known self-surgeries under “real-life conditions” was performed by Leonid Rogozov. In 1961 during his expedition to the Antarctic, which at that time was not really an inhabited place, Rogozov performed an appendectomy on himself. While humanity dreams about space travel, we often forget to ponder the question of “What if…?” What if there is no chance of asking another for help fulfilling one or the other task? What if certain experimentation is restricted by law? There are also other related questions, like “How far can I experiment with my own body?” or “To whom do parts of my body belong if they are detached from my body?

This new workshop series on self-repair is a reference to non-traditional contexts where certain social considerations are excluded under certain circumstances, or to the contexts of malfunctioning systems, especially of those related to one’s own body. The Self-repair series is about an ability to identify and to fix one’s own systems. Self-repair is also about experiments that might not be tolerated by society and that might instead be considered unethical.