Photography Exhibition HYSTERIA

January 17-20th 2019
Grand opening 6 pm 17th January 2019
TopSpace: Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

6 female photographer from the ”higher photographic education” at Kulturama school in Stockholm, explore the different meanings of hysteria.The exhibition underlies the classical definition of the concept of hysteria.
And the fact that this years class consists of only women, led to the confrontation with a term that was and still is considered to be a female one.

The word hysteria originates from the Greek word for uterus as well as
historically, hysteria was the psychological disorder that came with many different symptoms and was thought to manifest itself just in women.

Through different styles and techniques, but most of all through different interpretations of the definition of the word, we explore hysteria together with you.


Nadja Brečević
Emely Majrell
Elin Ericson
Nella Hellenborn
Milla Flyger
Melinda Rönnberg

Curator: Misha Pedan & Emely Majrell

Welcome to TOP PROJECT SPACE Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin
17.-20th of January

Grand Opening 17th 18- 22
Friday 18th 14-21
Saturday 19th 12-21
Sunday 20th 12-18

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