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kommunikationsumgebung für modulare strukturen, interaktion zwischen unterschiedlichen plattformen, formaten, daten,
communication environment for modular structures, interaction between different plattforms, formats, data-streams,
sample, mix, recycle, remix, cutup, hack modukit,
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MigAA – Migrating Reality (Book)

a conference and exhibition series in Berlin in 2008 about Emigration, Immigration and Migration organised by > top e.V. in cooperation with KHM – Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.

Migrating Reality
ISBN 978-9955-834-01-4

Electronic and digital systems generate completely new forms of migration. In the creative arts, new phenomena related to migration and the synergies of disparate systems are emerging. Artistic products evolve from traditional forms into hybrid digital forms. Analog products are being digitized; data spaces are trans-located from one data storage system to another; existing sounds, images, and texts are remixed and fused into new datasets.
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