Der Boden unter unseren Füßen #2 – DIY Fermi-Komposter

Fr. 02.08.2019, 18:00 – 21:00
Top | Schillerpromenade 4

(* English version below*) Nach unserer ersten Intro-Veranstaltung der Reihe “Der Boden unter unseren Füßen” geht es nun mit dem Kompostieren von Haushaltsabfällen durch Fermentierung und gemeinsam bauen wir DIY “Fermi-Komposter-Eimer” fürs eigene Zuhause. Wir wollen uns verschiedene Open Source- Alternativen zur dafür notwendigen patentierten Fermentierungs-Starthilfe anschauen, wie z.B. Brottrunk, Sauerkrauftsaft, und eine Mischung aus Milchsäuren, Bakterien und Hefen. Read More

Interactive living systems

Thur. 18.07.2019, 19:00 – 22:30
Top | Schillerpromenade 4
A show case of 8 installations that enable the participants to directly interact with living organisms. These installations are a direct result of biodesign projects involving our own microbiome, bioluminescence and microbial cellulose.

Architecture of Mind

11-13 July 2019
Exhibition opening: 11.07.2019 19:00
with events and screenings daily through 13.07.2019 
Top | Schillerpromenade 4, Neukölln, Berlin

The project Architecture of Mind is curated by Penka Mincheva and Seeta Muller

From the pre-historic times, the artifacts are known either as a movement, like rock fresco of
a hunting man, or as a three-dimensional object such as a sculpture or a built construction.
Like the pyramids, constructed stone by stone, completing a whole assembly, the
media which depict movement – as the film and video – appear to be constructed slide by
slide, creating a motion. Read More

Spiced Roots

Fri. 05.07.2019 (18:00-late)
6pm Cooking Process 
7pm Aperitivo
8pm Open Dinnertime
Top: Schillerpromenade 4

It’s time to cook leftovers again. 

Join Pepe Dayaw and some friends for food, drinks and stories
an act of collective remembering and merrymaking
even if we do not remember the same things,
we can agree to sail in the same waters.