Spiced Roots

Fri. 05.07.2019 (18:00-late)
6pm Cooking Process 
7pm Aperitivo
8pm Open Dinnertime
Top: Schillerpromenade 4

It’s time to cook leftovers again. 

Join Pepe Dayaw and some friends for food, drinks and stories
an act of collective remembering and merrymaking
even if we do not remember the same things,
we can agree to sail in the same waters.
Bring your leftovers. And we integrate them.
In one of my mother’s tongues from an island
we say ‘tada’, an action word, an act
to leave something behind for an-other
in such world, nothing is wasted.
The dinner event is a part of community performance on repurposing leftover fabric that is happening on 06.07.2019 by Sari-Sari collective on Schillerpomenade x Tempelhofer Feld. 
Photo: Wilson Santinelli. San Lorenzo im Campo, Le Marche. 2015