>SFL tool#2 Mixed reality world building

Mixed Reality World Building with Toto

Thursday, Feb. 15th, 17.00-21.00h

!!Dieser Workshop findet auf deutsch statt.
Workshop language is german. If you do not speak german and want to participate, get in contact with us- we will figure out sth.!!

Meet Toto (Turn On That Object)!
Führt Eure Spieler*innen mit Hilfe des Toto-Smartphone-Client durch interaktive Geschichten und Spiele, schickt sie an verschiedene Orte, stellt ihnen Rätsel und andere Aufgaben und lasst sie- unterschiedliche Enden erleben.
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Transmediale Vorspiel Event #4 : The Body of Dough

A workshop with artist Kim Dotty Hachmann


How does the dough grow? What does it need for it? Discovering the secrets of dough mixing and dough kneading. Together we want to acquire this knowledge, then try to see how the dough can become a body and how the body can become a dough. How can we transfer this principle to our bodies? Through the hands of others feel our own body. How can these two approaches become an artistic one, which is expressed in different forms such as sculpture, photography, film or performance. The workshop also serves the exchange of life recipes and mindfulness practice as a part of kitchen magic.
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Transmediale Vorspiel Event #3: Sun collaborations: A workshop introducing the cyanotype process

A workshop with artist Elizabeth McTernan.

17.02.2017 3-6pm

“Sun collaborations: A workshop introducing the cyanotype process” workshop on cyanotype which is a photographic printing process producing a cyan-blue print and can be performed on a variety of papers and textiles. While the photo chemicals are painted onto the print surface in a dark room, the print itself is made outside, under direct sunlight. The process uses two chemicals: ammonium iron (III) citrate and potassium ferricyanide, which are both safe to handle and easy to obtain.
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DIY Furniture building workshop

>DIY Furniture Building Workshop #1

With Veiko

Over the course of several months, Common(s)Lab will facilitate a series of DIY (or rather, Do-It-Together) neighbourhood building workshops with the assistance of a skilled craftsman, Veiko from Estonia. Together with participants, we will salvage wood and other materials from in and around the neighbourhood to construct tables, chairs, and planter boxes, and more – and learn about simple construction techniques, materials, sustainable surface treatment, and also, the background and causes of bulky waste and the issues connected to it.

Saturday, February 10 at 11 AM – 4 PM
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SNIFF: Scent & Space

With Elise Mattisson Chue, Klara Ravat and Gert-Jan Stam (TAAT).

Fri 9th February 2018, 7pm

How do scent and people interact in a particular place or space?

Can we direct people’s behavior through implementing a scent design in a specific place? How do people operate when a certain aroma is spread in the public transport? What are their reactions?
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