SNIFF: Scent & Space

With Elise Mattisson Chue, Klara Ravat and Gert-Jan Stam (TAAT).

Fri 9th February 2018, 7pm

How do scent and people interact in a particular place or space?

Can we direct people’s behavior through implementing a scent design in a specific place? How do people operate when a certain aroma is spread in the public transport? What are their reactions?

During this SNIFF edition we explore the spatial aspect of scent, with two presentations:

Elise Mattisson Chue and Klara Ravat will present their collaborative efforts, an experiment on scent and public space. For the last weeks, Elise and Klara have been investigating inside the public transportation wagons of Berlin other public locations. Wearing unexpected scents and walking through the length of the trains, they want to figure out, how reactive people are to their aromatic environment. During their presentation, they will share their findings.

We are very proud to also host Gert-Jan Stam, an artist, writer and the co-founder of TAAT, a collective operating on the cutting edge of theatre, architecture, visual art and design. He will present the last project within this context: HALL06, an architectonic theatre play which incorporates scent to bring the audience together within a certain wooden structure. After the presentations, there will be time for questions and discussion.

SNIFF is a monthly event welcoming everybody who has a special interest and curiosity in experimenting with the sense of smell, olfaction, and fragrance. The event takes place in different formats, from talks to presentations, workshops and group discussions.

We team up with people who like to experiment, co-produce and contribute with a good mood. We meet monthly in different locations to share our curiosity for a fragranced world.

SNIFF is curated by Klara Ravat.

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