A midsummer night bio-dream

Fri, 20.07.2018, 9 pm -3 am // Free

Bioluminescence is an intriguing phenomenon as it can be experienced only in pure darkness. It is only when we are away from the brightness of the day, when we let of our own light sources, only then we can notice the mysterious shining of the micro-organisms. For reasons still fully understood, some microalgae, bacteria and other living organisms produce light in various wavelengths (white, green, blue). Light is part of their beings, they use their own energy sources to shine. Their dedication can only be observed in darkness.

We bring together two bioluminescent organisms: P. fusiformis and Photobacterium Phosphereum in a labyrinth designed to trap you. Immersed in pure darkness, your only escape is through bioluminescence. You need to communicate with these organisms and uncover their mysteries. Remember they are alive!

=== more TBD

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