XENOD4ZE: “Intercept” 2.0 => discourse & mapping

Location: TOP project space, Industriestr 40 / Schätzelbergstrasse 1-3, 12099 Tempelhof
Date: 23 Juni 2023
Time: 17.00-19.00

X E N O D A Z E 4 will take place on 23. Juni and contain conversations about genre-, discipline-, gender-, and nature-bending theory alongside collaborative activities which demonstrate the irascibility of the real in the face of cultural assimilation and social construction.

Suggested Donation 5 €. 

Slam Discourse: We continue our live-reading series with shouting out the short chapters of The Xeno-Feminist Manifesto (this time starting with INTERRUPT), and with in the moment discussion of terms and concepts as they arise. All the while, we continue to mark out the terms we find important, connect them in an ongoing map of the XF territory!

Mapping: As a method of organizing the various concepts from the Xeno-Fem Manisesto, we’ll be mapping the concepts visually and introducing out edits and notes in the process via pen and trace paper roll. In this manner, a media history of the XENO discourse is saved in a material and precarious manner! Just as with all things…

Organized by Archisaur and >Top Project Space.