Yasaman Pishvaei: “Life(less) Part I”

Opening: Thu. 05.03.2020, 18:30-22:00
Exhibition dates 06-08 March
Opening hours: 13:00 – 20:00

>top Transdisciplinary Project Space is presenting Yasaman Pishvaei’s selected works from the series titled Life(less) to be presented in a three-day long exhibition. 

Life(less) series focus on our feelings as a result of massive changes in the social, political, and ecological realms. The video and audio installation explores the troubling feelings of anxiety, existential crises, dichotomy between order and limitation. Yasaman Pishvaei proposes that the order and limitation can lead to chaos and this sensation is amplified in the exhibition “Life(less) Part I. 


About Yasaman Pishvaei

Growing up in Iran, I have always had a very special connection to words and was amazed by their magical ability in creating different realities.

I fell in love with the transformative qualities of stories through migration. 

And it was at Ocad university in Toronto where I discovered very similar merits in working with a variety of different materials.

Here I am now, working as a mixed media artist, and continuing my education in Expressive art Therapy in Berlin, exploring the metamorphic powers of art and the art making process.