Collective mapping: Histories & terminologies of capitalism

Wed. 04.03.2020, 19:00 – 22:00
***Part of the School of Postcapitalism event series***

Commons, enclosures, cultural hegemony, governmentality, postcolonialism, the subaltern, neoliberalism, late capitalism, degrowth – what terms have we come across so far but still feel like they need some collective unpacking? And how is everything interconnected in the larger picture of history? In order to make more sense of things, we want to engage in a collective research session with you to chart the history of capitalism and unpack terminologies encountered but yet unclear together, with the help of Youtube, Wikipedia, and our diverse knowledges. This will shape the basis for the next sessions of the School of Postcapitalism and might become a shared resource for everyone involved and beyond. Bring your mobile devices if you can!

The event is self-organised and as always free of charge. There will be wine and snacks on donation basis. Looking forward to it!