Fibering-Eco as a Verb, film screening

5.07. 2018 (7:30 pm)

Top Transdisciplinary Project Space is happy to host the curator Yunnia Yang and her film screening program, titled «Fibering- Eco As A Verb»

The screening will take place around two hours and curator talk following up the screening.

Unless astronauts travel through time and space, we couldn’t realize how vast the Universe is. If we didn’t experience the polar warming that polar bears suffer from, then we couldn’t understand the emergency of ecological practices. Modern civilization causes our living environment grave impacts. Although intelligent humans can comprehend the facts and consequences of ecological change, the expansion of human desires and the overconsumption advocated by mass media make us to treat the environmental issues passively. Mankind does self-hypnosis with the attitude of indifference and thinks such damages never could cause the end of the world. To awaken everyone’s ecological consciousness is not the effects that all kinds of promotion films or social activism can achieve. With the symbolic metaphors and implicit expressions, the curatorial project«Fibering-Eco As A Verb» allows viewers to contemplate the correlations between the external macroecology of the Universe and the internal microecology of a living being. Gilles Deleuze thinks that “Every fiber is a Universe fiber”. From human body tissues to all creatures, everyday life to optical fiber technology, each substance has the composite of fibers. As human optic never fibers receive the messages of environmental endangerment from far away by means of mass media’s interface of optical fiber, the nerve fibers in the brain depends on the situation that jeopardizes the safety of human being to make a decision. Self-desire will also conceal the truth of ecological issues. Human beings become conscious that they cannot separate from the Nature only if all the senses open up. Humanistic ethics and rich imagination create the close connections between mankind and all creatures. Thoughts are even becoming living animals and plants or the Universe itself , or representing the Universe in the form of human being. The internal fibers of human body continue to extend outwards, so that such positive flowing energies might improve the grave damages that modern civilization causes to environmental ecology. The core value of «Fibering-Eco As A Verb» is that ecology is not merely regarded as the notion of loving the Earth, but is also turning our loving cares into actions. As the ecological network connected by fiberal natures endow the perceptive capability of living crisis, ecology is not a notion for everyone, but a verb to do it. This exhibition includes four categories: “Eco Creativity”, “Eco Apocalypse”, “Eco-Human Chain”, and “Eco Mythology”. 13 international video artworks will make each viewer to be moved and think what he/ she can do with minor force to change the current environmental situations.

Participating Artists: Sergey Tsyss(Russia)/ Tsui Kuang-Yu (Taiwan)/Zhang Xu Zhan(Taiwan)/Rick Fisher(Canada)/Lin Peychwen(Taiwan)/Shih Chang-Jay(Taiwan)/Huang Zan-Lun(Taiwan)/Lynn Estomin(USA)/Isabelle Hayeur(Canada)/Marie- France Giraudon(Canada)/Albert Merino(Spain)/Jawshing Arthur Liou(Taiwan)/Wang Ding-Yeh(Taiwan)
Sponsor: National Culture and Arts Foundation(Taiwan)
Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government (Taiwan)