Mycelium Festival at TOP, May 26-27 2023

M Y T H C E L I U M Festival

Location: TOP project space, Industriestr 40 / Schätzelbergstrasse 1-3, 12099 Tempelhof

Date: 26.-27 May, 20 Uhr until {THE END}

-fully wheelchair accessible-

Introducing the human version Mythcelium Festival, a 42-hour mycohacking extravaganza focused on deep healing cyberground games (art as a survival game), inspired by the poetic objectivity of desire and the distilled wisdom found at the intersection of life and non-life, art and science, culture and activism.

Welcome to MYTHCELIUM 121,

Discover the truth behind the mushroom cake in the subterranean realm of our multiplayer g a m e. A team of cyberground cosmonauts engage in several 121°C mythcelium games, celebrating elemental harmony*, synchronicity, and collective intelligence. Over the course of 42 hours, experimental underground quantum queerness collectives comprised of artists, researchers, activists, jokers, living organisms, and machines will explore the “Worlds of Wisdom” of Mycelium Planets. Together, they will share their speculative grand universal gameplay—a shared, universal Mythos transcending cultural boundaries and tapping into the collective consciousness of all living beings.

On May 26th at 8:00 pm, the “Shadow” Game Edition of the PLANET BLUE series, celebrates universal games that emphasize the potential interconnectedness and complexity of the universe, consciousness, and the natural world: The walking trees and nomadic roots signify our cosmic journey together.

Get onboard with co-passengers Teatro B, Ai Dada, and Mycohackers and experience interplanetary performances, intergalactic screenings, underground art life forms, and cyberground party until 8 am.


On May 27th, from 12 am to 8 pm, Mythcelium presents RHAPSODIES OF CIRCELOPIA, replaying Odyssey, Penelope and Circe delve into the ecology of narratives and the concealed insights within myths. Synchronously, but with diverse modes and methods of performance they deconstruct the Hero’s Journey to uncover nature’s intrinsic harmony and balance. Rhapsodies become recipes crafted by eternal cybernetic fable weavers in an
invisible breath-laced epos of the sacred cosmos.
From 8 pm until THE END, MIXED SIGNALS cyberground collectives will share their community-driven connections and DIY aesthetics live in an open space. The interplay of artificial and natural processes reveals the magic born from the fusion of art and science in the ultimate experience: a hardcore experimental research party.


The festival is led by:

Ai DADA is a quantum queerness collective of selfless cells, multidisciplinary experimental activists, blending groundbreaking tech and divine madness. Going beyond “techbros,” we foster collective effervescence, promote polyphonic dialogue, and assemble “phygital” beings to create queer futures in the realm of science and modernity.

Mixed Signals is a new event series, initiated by the intention of creating an open space where artists can explore and express themselves openly, thus furthering their creative work. We encourage community based connections and DIY aesthetics.

Myco Hackers and Top Lab, a shared server and experimental hosting community in Berlin.

A Berlin-based hybrid collective of curious minds with diverse backgrounds in art, research, and activism. Our association values the interconnectedness of all living beings, including non-human animals, organisms, and machines. We support and develop ideas merging politics, environment, economics, and technologies. We work mainly in the domain that addresses the humanization of digital technologies through the interplay between digital,
biological and cultural. We support collaborative projects that seek a dialog and diversity inartistic forms and attitudes. We welcome everyone who recognizes the non-material importance of the fusion of art, science, and technology in co-shaping better futures.

Teatro B In 2012, Teatro B was founded in Chile’s Atacama Desert with a mission to embrace the fusion of arts as a way of life. We celebrate, support, and share the talents of cosmic galactic artists, rooted in a diverse range of artistic disciplines such as theater, music, and dance. As a nomadic community, we collaborate globally to promote multicultural diversity and reclaim creative spaces. Our collective process invites each member to
contribute their unique artistry, fostering exploration and expression of ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

There will be limited spaces, so please register by email: mythcelium [dot] berlin [at] gmail [dot] com