TopLab. Drawing: Alice Morey

Makerfaire talk

Saturday, on Dec 2, 15:30
@ Conrad Mini Maker Faire, Station Berlin, Luckenwalder Straße 4-6; D-10963 Berlin

We are happy to announce that next Saturday, on Dec 2, TopLab will be at the MakerFaire organized by Conrad. At 15:30, we invite everyone to attend Mirela’s talk about community laboratories. You can find more details about the talk below, and about the venue and registration on the event’s webpage.

MakerFaire, 15:30, Building community laboratories by Mirela Alistar – TopLab member
Believe it or not, in the past scientist used to make the biggest technical innovations at home. Today, we are confined in a structured institution under the promise of organised funding and more time to focus on work. However, some of us believe in the freedom and creativity that stems out of community labs. I will present the challenges in building a community biolab, as well as its implications in the society.

Mirela Alistar is a biohacker, actively involved in biotech research. Mirela spends most of her time designing new biomedical devices that can enable personalized medicine. In her free time, she helps running TopLab – a community bio laboratory for curiosity, creativity, education and interdisciplinary research.

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