Shared Habitats 1st event: a microplastics workshop with DIY Hack the Panke

Art Laboratory Berlin is hosting the first event of the *Shared Habitats* cycle of the network from 6-8 July 2018.
ART LABORATORY: Prinzenallee 34, 13359 
TOP LAB: Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 

Friday 6 July we will kick off with a short meeting with Kat Austen
(artist/chemist)and Nana MacLean (Microbiologist) who will be running
the workshop. That evening we invite you to a Book release party for
/Half Life. Machines and Organisms,/
/artistic positions in times of extinction and climate change/. ed by.
Käthe Wenzel/Manfred Blohm

On 7-8 July Kat Austen and Nana MacLean will lead a workshop on
microplastics and the biomes connected with them, based on samplings
from local urban waterways. Together with a collective of artists and
scientists, DIY Hack the Panke, participants will explore methods for
isolating microplastics and discovering riverine microbial and other
life connected with them. There will also be time and opportunity to get
to know more about DIY Hack the Panke and other DIY science collectives
in Berlin, as well as the usual combination of network talks and

/We have a limited budget for travel and have already invited several
members, but if you would like to attend at your own expense (no fee for
attending the workshop, but space is limited) please contact me/


Arrive *Friday 6.07* afternoon
16.30- 18.30 (optional) meet at ALB* with Kat Austen and Nana MacLean
and members of DIY Hack the Panke. Placing the nets along the Panke river.

19.00 (at ALB) Book Release Party 6 July, 2018 7PM:/Half Life. Machines
and Organisms, artistic positions in times of extinction and climate
change./ Käthe Wenzel/Manfred Blohm (eds.) Fabrico Verlag Hannover, 2018.

*Saturday 7.07*:
10am meet at ALB, briefing / microplastic introductions with Kat and Nana
10:45 collect net samples
11:30 outline of protocols
11:45 back at ALB split samples into two parts (A) for microscope
analysis and (B) for microplastic analysis.
11:55 (B) separation of samples through different size sieves
12:15 (A) microscope analysis

13:30 lunch break

14:30 microscope analysis
15:30 creation around microscope analysis

16:15 Shared Habitats/ Nordic Baltic Biomedia Network meeting

18:00 Break

19.30 meet for dinner at Schillerpalais (Schillerpromenade 4, 12049
Berlin) and an introduction to Top Lab by Mindaugas Gapševičius and others.

*Sunday 8.07*:
10:30 weigh microplastics (B)
10:50 wet peroxide oxidation of the microplastic samples: 4 groups: 2
fractions, lab protocol and DIY protocol
12:30 transfer WPO to density separator and leave for 1 hour

13:00 lunch

14:00 cleaning and microscope analysis
16:00 Discussion and presentations (optional)
*ALB location- Prinzenallee 34 , 13359 Berlin

Kind regards

Christian de Lutz: cdelutz(at)

Funded by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme of the Nordic Culture Point 

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