sustainable cannibalism

Sustainable cannibalism

Sunday, December 17, 7-10 pm
TopLab at Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

Step into the discourse around our „modern“ occupation with food and strange(?) practices like cannibalism (anorexia, orthorexia, autorexia) with two different installations:

“Eating me out”
There is much more to our bodies than we can see. Like wild vaginal cultures fermenting our feminism into yogurt. Feel free to touch, smell and taste. Experience a different connection with our own microbiome! (Mirela Alistar)

“Bloody Darling”
Dogs are our loyal companions. They always listen, they always like us. They warm us in winter. Time to feed them back: Surprise your darling with healthy food that comes directly from the (human) heart! (Frau Hue)

Mirela Alistar researches technology that enables people to perform themselves medical diagnosis and even produce their own medicine. Her recent experiments have been revolving around our “selfness” and its limitless power.

Frau Hue explores, questions and (re)invents systems with the means of art, game design and storytelling – using social cooperation. Since 2014 she has been running several “Wurst part of me” dinners that invite participants to cook and eat a blood sausage out of their own blood.

Entry: 10€ – paid at the door, or FREE if you contributed to our campaign

No registration required.


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