Film Screening: “Chronicle of a Summer”

Wed. 12.02.2020
19:00 – 22:00

For our next meeting of the School of Postcapitalism we will screen the 1961 French film “Chronicle of a Summer” (Chronique d’un été). One of the most influential documentary films ever made (for which the term cinéma vérité was coined), the movie starts with a simple premise: what happens when you go into the street with a camera and ask people if they are happy? Filmmakers Edgar Morin and Jean Rouch then stage a series of interviews and discussions with participants from various strata of society to interrogate the structural and personal impediments (money, work, politics, history) that inhibit the realization of an individual’s happiness. After the screening we will have a discussion about the film and what, if any, lessons it has for our current political moment.