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>Commons Reading Group #3 | On/Off Book Presentation

We have a very exciting edition of the reading group coming up – following a reading of Stavros Stavrides’ text ‘Common Space as Threshold Space: Urban Commoning in Struggles to Re-appropriate Public Space’, we will have a book presentation from the Berlin-based architecture collective On/Off and various contributors to their new book ‘Co-Machines: A Book of Mobile Disruptive Architecture’.

Wednesday, February 7 at 6:30 PM – 10 PM

Stavrides’ text:

Co-Machines: A Book of Mobile Disruptive Architecture:
“Co-machines are mobile informal micro-structures which are parasitic or symbiotic in the urban eco-system. Co-machines disrupt the overbearing market values to create alternative realities. Co-machines look for and exploit tipping points in the system. Co-machines obstruct, block traffic, change places, allowing new bodies to occupy and interact, inhabit, to construct—even if just for an instant, a different world, a utopia, a dystopia—a vision of how the city might be, finding potentials in our urban landscape. Or they call our attention to the invisible ways our cities are being manipulated by zoning laws, traffic laws, advertising, architects, graffiti writers, skateboarders, conflicts, canals, planners.”

Rough schedule:
18:30 Arriving
19: 00 Reading of Stavrides’ text on common space as threshold space, discussion
20:20 Short break
20:30-22:00 ON/OFF book presentation/reading of excerpts