CREATIVITY AND NEUROSCIENCE: Theatre and the Neuroscience of Empathy

Wed. 26.02.2020
18:00 – 20:00

Theatre, and acting for an audience is about empathy. It means stepping into the shoes of another, and using shared experience to create convincing scenes. Or, perhaps recognising the differences between your personality and the characters’ then drawing experiences you can only imagine.

Now a clinically definable state, empathy can be taught and trained. Yet playwrights have drawn on the ability of an audience to relate in order to elicit emotions for centuries.

But have you ever wondered what happens to your brain when you’re acting, creating a character, and identifying with them?

In this hands on workshop we will investigate what neuroscience can tell us about empathy, and how it can be used to deepen your understanding of acting. We mix theatre techniques, games, and the science behind it all.

Open for everyone regardless of science or drama background. Bring comfy clothes and your curiosity. See you there!

EDGE is a non-profit organization so the event is free and donations to cover the rent of the location, and create future events are very much appreciated! (Also no registration necessary). Suggested donation: 5-10 Euros.

About EDGE:
We are international group of artist-scientists, a community, with a keen interest, and varied perspectives on the intersections between art and neuroscience.

Our annual multi-media exhibition is at the heart of what EDGE is, showing art from and about neuroscience held this year in early October. We aim to share the beauty of our nervous system and to bridge the divide between the lab and the outside world.


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