Kitchen lab. Photo: Andrew Gryf Paterson

What is a Kitchenlab

Kitchenlab is a (biochemical) lab constructed upon equipment available in the home kitchen. We aim in designing a toolkit which will help audiences to enhance their knowledge and uses of the home kitchen.

Kitchenlab will unfold through guest-hosted cooking sessions, workshops, and discussions in Berlin, Stockholm, Vilnius and Helsinki. Thematically we will focus on this year Pixelache festival’s theme ‘Interfaces for Empathy’, exploring possibilities of the societal shift towards the understanding and consciousness of human species as a balanced part of the ecosystem we live at and within. The discussion events will aim to gather those interested in working between the studio, the kitchen and the laboratory, because food culture, experimental lab culture and artistic or creative practice overlap there. We will discuss the following questions:

– How to be a good guest and/or be a good host in a kitchen lab?
– What tools and equipment are good to have?
– What are the other uses of the kitchen?
– How to communicate and document what goes on?
– How to transfer knowledge across generations, cultural distinctions, different species?
– How to contribute to the commons?
– How to socialize the activity beyond one’s base?

Photos by Andrew Gryf Paterson, a Scottish artist-organiser, educator, cultural producer, and independent researcher.