Peas Project. 2003. Mindaugas Gapsevicius

FBB> Residence in Oslo

6-13th May 2014, Podium Project Space, Oslo

Food is central to life and access to food for all is central to modern civilisation. Our knowledge and our skills in cultivation and preparation of it, our sharing of it in social gatherings, our care and nourishment of each other with it, are aspects of our relationship with food that are interweaved across generations, cultures and traditions. It is one of the seeds of the self.

Ownership of this millennial knowledge, the ethics of patenting of live organisms and questions around food control and eugenics are some of the issues for discussion in this lab-residence on the power relations between food, biotechnology and neo-colonialism.

This new Migrating Art Academies 
laboratory is hosted at Podium in Oslo in the second week of May, and emerging 
artists are invited to experience eatables and liveables together with artists from
 Berlin and local initiatives in Oslo. The aim of this encounter is to 
set up a collaborative environment and to map trajectories of creative 
developments and live experience.

Food – Biotechnologies – Neocolonialism is organised by the Lithuanian
 Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association in collaboration with Top, the Association for the Promotion of Cultural Practice in Berlin and the Institute for Colour in Oslo. The laboratory is supported by The Ministry of Culture 
of the Republic of Lithuania, the Lifelong Learning Programme (Grundtvig) and 
Nordic Culture Point.