Dolosa Oscura. Filmouflage festival

Filmouflage: Dolosa Oscura

>top Schillerpalais. Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

13.07. 19:00 Exhibition and opening event for Filmouflage Fest
14.07. 14:00 – 20:00
15.07. 14:00 – 20:00

Dolosa Oscura is the name of a plant in Amazonas which is well known for it’s capacity to live without sunlight. This rare feature is called “umbratropism”, which is the capacity of moving itself towards darkness. It belongs to the genus of the Ceratophyllum but it is still a unique specie. No other similar specie has been found yet. This rare survival mechanism operates the same way as all the pieces that will be exhibited; they are all expressions related to survival in agitated and complex contexts.

Different european trees, like the Pine Tree were brought to the Colombian wetlands as a strategy to dry the land and build main cities. Nowadays, these trees are part of what it means to live there and helps us to understand and interpret the city. This artificial manipulation of the landscape allows us to visualize the way Colombian artists are dealing with their own environment.

For this exhibition we gathered the work of more than 15 artists from Colombia whose work is directly or indirectly connected to the country expressing a personal perspective on the way that they relate with the environment.

Dolosa Oscura is a twisted version of Attenborough’s films and also underlines the dialogues between nature, ruins and history. The exhibition attempt to surround the idea of “endemic”, the local vegetation that is supposed to speak and represent the voice of “what is local”.

Artists: Ana María Millán, Dovile Aleksaite & Esteban Rivera, Edinson Quiñones, Elsa Salonen, Leonardo Herrera, María José Isaza, María Isabel Rueda, Juan Pelaez, Luis Bustamante

Parallely, there will be an illustration show dedicated to all types of narratives related to conservation, d.i.y. sustainability and nature including the works of Anton Mariinsky, Angélica Lizarazo, Chirrete Golden, Karen Minden, Miro Denck, Tanya Teibtner, Vladimir Enciso, Valentina Romero, ZEBU.

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