Non-Extractivist Practices in the Dispossessed Lands | Arazi Assembly


14:00-17:30 Public Program

18:00 Opening

The exhibition with a public program of presentation and discussion consists of practices and research on epistemic injustice and forms of engagement of decolonial premises around the landscapes and struggles of the northern Tigris river in Turkey. The exhibition and public program present the collective works of de/archiving of seeds, video-essays, ecological mourning on the more-than-human world of Tigris, voices and lands of eco-feminist practices, counter-narratives against hegemonized knowledge of local communities, and disobedient rituals against subjugated landscapes.

The public program will be presented by the collective Arazi Assembly members with invited respondents on subjects and questions: How is research possible in a fluid and unconditional conflict territory? How artistic phenomenologies may create many ways of knowing and social coexistence? How critical mapping can be used for the testimony of the more-than-human rights violations? How the rights of non-human assemblies in extractive zones can be supported through art and architectural solidarity? How eco-female labour is creating resistance against slow violence? How pastoralist practices are interrupted through territorial control? How patchy anthropocene approach can be combined with artistic research? How to construct pedagogical commons in exctrative zones?  How to build the De/archive of Tigris Phenomenologies?

Arazi Assembly. Agit Özdemir, Leyla Keskin, Merve Gül Özokcu, Mezra Öner, Özge Çelikaslan, Pelin Tan, Ruken Aydogdu, Yelta Köm, Yildiz Tahtaci, and the Public Design Support HFBK Hamburg

14:00  – 15:00

Ecological Mourning and Eco-Healers healers around Tigris River and Hevsel Gardens Diyarbakır.

Ruken Aydoğdu – presentation 15 min.

Leyla Keskin – presentation 15 min.
Respondent: Marwa Arsanios

15:00  – 15:45

Non-Extractivist Practices, Solidarity around Tigris River

Yıldız Tahtacı (10 min.)

Yelta Köm (10 min.)

Pelin Tan (10 min.)

Merve Gül Özokcu (10 min.)

Respondent: Önder Özengi

16:15 -16:45 

On Archvies: Archiving Spaciocide with Video-Topographies

Özge Çelikaslan & Pelin Tan (15 min.)

Respondent: Kerstin Schroedinger

 17:00 – 17:30

Review: Urgent Pedagogies on Site: Terrestrial Cosmologies student workshop at Raman / Batman, April 2023

Jesko Fezer & Pelin Tan & Merve Gül Özokcu (20 min.)