Performing Biography. Klara Hobza, Dijan Kahrimanovic, Louise Guerra

23rd of July 2016 from 7pm at >top Schillerpalais in Berlin

deuxpiece is delighted to present performative works by Klara Hobza (*1975, DE/CZ), Dijan Kahrimanovic (*1990, CH/BA) and Louise Guerra (founded 2013, CH).

Klara Hobza, Dijan Kahrimanovic and Louise Guerra merge memories and projections, documentation and fiction. Their performances orbit around the paradox of biographical fossilization and permanent flux. In EARLY ENDEAVORS, Klara Hobza talks about her adventurous art practice, her goals and gains. Dijan Kahrimanovic’s multilingual UNTITLED tale challenges our need for consistency in narration and imagery whereas Louise Guerra’s ANTIBIOGRAFI creates the portrait of Louise, a female pioneer in any field, a time traveller, not one but many.

deuxpiece is an independent team of curators who aim to provide a non-for-profit platform for emerging and recent art practice by means of exhibitions, publications and events. Founded in Basel in 2013 deuxpiece has soon become nomadic and now furthers exchange and collaboration between project spaces, young artists and designers in Basel, Hudson (New York), Berlin and other places. deuxpiece are Claire Hoffmann, Alice Wilke, Stefanie Bringezu and Bianca Hildenbrand.

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