Mushroom Robots

Robot X Mushrooms

Location: TOP project space, Industriestr 40 / Schätzelbergstrasse 1-3, 12099 Tempelhof
Date: 14th of February 2023
Time: 6pm to 11pm


Robot X Mushrooms, is a post-punk-demic collaborative project and X-event series for hybrid matter produced within and by interconnected Top Lab members and Ai Dada (Humans, Mushrooms, Robots).
The minds of humans, robots and mushrooms co-evolve to engage in a multi-player game of mutual competition in queer ecologies. In an O budget, 0 waste, 0 likes system we collect information from mycelia about multiple connections and different perceptions of the world.

With this hybrid, talk-event-festival-exhibition-circus, format we propose a mix artificial intelligence with organic, analog and digital matter, to create an immersive experience about our relationships with fungi, art and robots.

As a project space for international exchange, the X Mushroom community will present the studies and artworks that have grown out of mycelium online and offline, as well as an evening of poetry, performances, installations, and visual art to collect, communicate and exchange the many layers that connect mushrooms to humans and machines.

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