Stefanie Schwarzwimmer. 9 to 5

self-tracing / self-watching

Supported by Top eV, students from the Weißensee Academy of Art develop a social sculpture in the cafe stage of the HKW during one day of the transmediale festival.

DAY: Sun 01.02.
DUR: 360 min
PLC: hkw cafe stage

The recent issues on surveillance systems create a sense of how fragile digital communication is and it also shows how easily our personal data can be accessed. On the other hand the average user of social networks like Facebook or Twitter doesn’t really care much whether private information goes public or not. Far from it: self-tracing, self-watching, self-publicity and self-quantification is considered useful for individual purposes. In Fall 2014 weißensee academy of art berlin offered a seminar on above issues. As a result a social sculpture is developed in the cafe stage of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt during one day of the transmediale. In a collective approach while arranging and rearranging individual contributions, the installation changes its shape. At the same time the installation builds its own story.

Contributions to the installation by: Anne Brouwer, Louise Douet-Sinenberg, Hannah Fiand, Jana Jedermann, Elizabeth Johnson, Lukas Jakob Löcker, Dora Petrova, Pascal Reinhard, Phillip Schaefer, Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Carme Servalls Munar, Vera van de Seyp, Dafna Stoilkova, Daniele Tognozzi, Maria Turik

Coordination by: Hannes Brunner, Mindaugas Gapševičius, Felix Groll
Image: 9to5 by Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Christopher Schmidt

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