vernissage @ schillerpalais

Sharing space and knowledge at Schillerpalais

From March 1, 2016, we have some spare space to share with you at our new home @ Schillerpalais, Schillerpromenade 4.

Schillerpalais is a dynamic, shared work space for visual artists working across many disciplines. The concept is that the space is used primarily as a work space during the week, and hosts workshops and events on the weekends. In order for our shared structure to work – both conceptually and at a low cost to the individual contributors – none of the artists have fixed stations in the space. We can each use the space on any given day, provided there is not a special event scheduled, but we pack up everything before we leave. That way, the space is always free for the next project. We have a shared calendar so we can coordinate specific and simultaneous needs.

Monthly donations for sharing the space are from 50 eur per month. As part of pursuing your own creative practice in our work space, we would expect you to be involved in >top eV and Schillerpalais activities, whether it be a programme, writing a project application, or organizing a dinner. Our idea is to cultivate collective discourse in a non-traditional project/studio space format, which will evolve based on the forms of involvement that people bring to it.

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