The circle is finished

Opening: 4th of March 2017 from 7pm
Artist Talk at 7pm

Location: >top Schillerpalais, Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin 

Zuzanna Skiba is a Berlin based artist who shows her recent work “The circle is finished”. The artist talk on Saturday 4th of March is about the completely lonely residence-time on the island Fruholmen in Norway. This is the island situated above the North cape and is considered to be the most northern island in the world that has a lighthouse.

“I spent two weeks alone on this most nothern island that is smaller than the half of a football field without Internet, TV, Radio. During my stay at Fruholmen I have been working with the theme 
“Drama in the Landscape”. During 14 days I experienced many unbelievable things including the white nights, scaring and powerful forces of wildlife and inner reconciliation with 
the wonders of nature that I have never experienced before. Some of the natural philosophical texts I have written there have been already used for the theater. The following results of the work like cartographic approaches, magnetic field drawings, paintings and photographs will be published in a  book next year. The atmosphere that this peaceful island gave me is a deep feeling of satisfaction.”

Image : the circle is finished on Fruholmen with yellow tape, Fotografie, 8/2016

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