The Last House On The Left

The Last House On The Left

Francesco Lusa & Oliver Schmidt
Opening: Saturday, November 12th, 2016, 7-11 pm

13.11.2016 – 30.11.2016 (Wed – Fr 16 – 20 • Sat & Sun 12 – 18)

In “The Last House on the Left” Francesco Lusa and Oliver Schmidt
propose a metropolitan perspective applied to the area of the outer suburban fringe. The documentary meets the long for excitement, in a frightening idyll affected by media representation.

What has been staged for the camera, or what is the result of a documentary investigation? Is our capacity to see blurred by the idea of what we already expect to see? Is the boredom of the city that gives its inhabitants the ability to perceive this area as sensationally mysterious? On the verge to kitsch, fear and dread reveal unexpected beauty.

Schillerpalais 2

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