The Zone – FlussLab Residency Pop-up Exhibition

Sun, 10.11.2019

As a result of @FlussLab Berlin residency we invite you to the exhibition #THE ZONE at the gallery >top Transdisciplinary Project Space, Berlin, on 10.11.2019 Sunday from 6 pm.

The Zone.
A good traveler has no fixed course.
Nor is he determined to arrive anywhere.

Five day encounter of interdisciplinary intersections between 4 selected participants, during October 2019:
Rosario Arostegui
Victoria Lazcano
Maria Villanueva
Guillermo Gcwilkins

*FLUSSLAB is an Interdisciplinary residency as a platform for traditional practices and innovation processes.

With the intention of building bridges between Argentina and Germany, we created two interdisciplinary residencies (one in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, and another one in the suburbs of Berlin) during 2019.

The residency aims to create in collaboration in the context proposed (natural environment) and the participants target group is addressed to Artists and everyone interested in the STEAM*.

In the horizon of 2020 and further, we will keep building bridges between nations and disciplines to keep discussing the relations between tradition and innovation
*(science, technology, engineering, art and math)