Posthumanism Reading Group #14

14th Session: 7.05.2019 (18:30)
Top: Schillerpromenade 4

During this reading group, we will read and discuss the theory of Posthumanism. Additionally, there will be parallel events and we will invite artists, researchers, academics to present their work.

Posthumanism Reading Group at Top Transdisciplinary Project Space takes place every third Wednesday of the month. The upcoming reading will be decided in the previous event – this event will be updated accordingly after the previous event. Check out our communication platform:
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We gather at 18:30 to socialize and we start discussing the text 19:00 sharp!

PS: If you did not attend the previous sessions, the previous and current reading material is availeble in the group:

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3th Session:  Rosi Braidotti’s “Posthuman”.
5th Session: Nick Land, Melt Down. Felix Guattari, Three Ecologies