Finale Ultimo

August 21. 2018 (18:00)
Oslo Apiary & Aviary at TopOslo Apiary & Aviary will be showing the alternative ending to the cult-classic, horror comedy rock musical, Little Shop of Horrors (1986, dir. Frank Oz), where a flesh-eating, alien, venus-fly-trap, named ‘Audrey II’, and her offspring take over the world.

Marius Presterud of Oslo Apiary & Aviary will hold a short presentation of the movie’s storyline for attendees who haven’t seen the full film, as well as point out variations from earlier versions (Little Shop of Horrors, 1960, dir. Roger Corman), before telling the story of how test-audiences came to prefer a fairytale ending to the one Warner Brothers had spent 5 million dollars producing.

The clip features the musical number FINALE ULTIMO (DON’T FEED THE PLANT) (Alan Menken/Howard Ashman).

At the end of the viewing we will have an open-ended discussion. Inspired by the viewing, and starting from the observation that we are living in a post-sustainable moment and that it may be to late to avoid ecological collapse and mass extinction, the discussion will revolve around possible and probable end-scenarios for humanity as we know it.

Light refreshments will be served ❂╮