Abandoned Mystery

Abandoned Mystery is a Multi/Inter/Trans/Cross/Non-disciplinary Expedition pilot project on exploring the constitution of the phenomena of abandoned military sites of the European edges in the Baltic Sea area. (Pre-WWII fortifications, Soviet military heritages in Koenigsberg/Kaliningrad, Memel/Klaipeda and Riga, Curonian Spit, Vyborg, Karelian Isthmus/Russia, Liepaja, Vainode, Skrunda/Latvia as well as Porkkala, Hamina/Finland and Plateliai, Gulbiniskiai, Rimsai/Lithuania).

Fluctuating between art, (social) science, history, anthropology, architecture mythology and involving different types of cross-disciplinary mutants, detectives and innovators from the field of: acoustic, architecture, psycho-mytho-geography, critical cartography and not-yet-defined, the project seeks to explore those mysterious locations and study their inner logic as an interaction between nature, people, ancient, contemporary, past and future. In cooperation with partners the core-group of initiators is organizing a number of field-trips towards abandoned places in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Finland while residing in Nida/LT, Aizpute/LV and Hamina/FI. The documentation, data and artistic outcomes will be published on this website becoming the platform for cross-collaborative on-going laboratory and archive.

The mission of the AbMy:

  • To reveal the fascinating history of the abandoned issues through cross-cultural dialogue
  • To give a voice to what is forgotten through adventure, environmenta awareness, respect to the mystery and abandoned unsustainable.

The questions raised are:

  • Will our “non-secret research and attention” to the abandoned/hidden environments will de-mystify them by default? And if “yes” how can we be respective to this issue?
  • Could the natural phenomena and mysteries of abandoned objects, subjects and environments still fascinate today’s people and coming generation, saturated by digital entertainments?
  • Could they shift the attitude of people to more respectful and caring direction concerning those environments as they are?

Abandoned Mystery is initiated by Natalia Borissova (RU/DE), Mindaugas Gapševičius (LT/DE) and Anna Karpenko (RU)

In collaboration and support from: Andrew Paterson/Pixelache (FI), Vytautas Michelkevičius/Nida art Colony (LT), Signe Pucena/SERDE (LV), Maxim Mikhaylov/COBUCE(RU).

The project is launched under the umbrella of: Lithuanian Inter­disciplinary Artists’ Association

It is supported by the Nordic Culture Point, Culture Support Foundation, State Culture Capital Foundation, the Top association in Berlin and Goethe Institute


Exploring abandoned military objects

A first camp of Abandoned Mystery project started on the 15th of April at the Nida Art Colony. Participants from Russia, Finland, Sweden Latvia and Lithuania are invited to take part in a month-long camp comprising of a set of expeditions dedicated to phenomenon and anomalies of abandoned places.

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