WebJs – Performance

November 18th
21:00-23:00 EET (19:00-21:00 GMT)
Vilnius Academy of Arts Nida Art Colony, Taikos str. 43, LT-93121 Neringa/LT

From tackling boring politicians to celebrating fishing trophies, a two month long project has given Lithuanian artists a much-needed boost in net-based art.

WebJs, a mix of eight weeks research, internet folklore and an endless stream of internet data, is the result of a residency programme in Nida Art Colony, supported by the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artist’s Association. Dirk Paesmans from the JODI.org collective (Dirk Paesmans & Joan Heemskerk) was joined by Lithuanian artists Darius Miksys, Irma Stanaityte, Andrius Kviliunas, Robertas Narkus, and Linas Ramanauskas.

“Lithuanian art hasn’t yet gained a strong presence on the internet, so this set of residencies has been organised for Lithuanian artists to work with the internet both as a tool and as source material,” said Mindaugas Gapsevicius, software artist and curator of the project. “I hope that the newly produced interactive art pieces will help local artistic practices to really raise their game.”

Over the course of the two month residency, Miksys explored hyperactivity without no hyperlinks, Stanaityte celebrated fishing trophies, Kviliunas was amazed by boring politicians on Youtube, while Narkus researched animated clichés and Ramanauskas considered delayed broadcasts.

The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LTMKS) is Lithuania’s largest artist-run organisation in Lithuania, with more than 70 members. Established in 1998, it continues the activities of “Metastudija”, an artist-run-initiatve which began in 1994.

WebJs is supported by the Lithuanian Cultural foundation, the Vilnius Academy of Arts Nida Art Colony, the >top Association supporting cultural practices and NeringaFM.lt, Nida’s popular online radio station.

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