Life play (the bright side of genetic engineering)

MON 08.10.2018 (19:00) // LECTURE, WORKSHOP
Top Space: Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin

The lecture aims to demystify genetic engineering and bring into attention the future implications of such technology. A hands-on workshop follows, where participants will engineer a fluorescent gene (GFP) into gut bacteria (E. coli). Practically, we will take a gene that exists in jelly fish and insert it into the genome of E. coli (bacteria in your guts). Consequently, the genetically modified E. coli will become fluorescent, i.e., it will glow when UV light is shone upon it (like in the image above).
No prior registration required. // LECTURE, WORKSHOP // 20€

=== Mirela Alistar
Working at the intersection of science and art, Mirela is passionate about re-connecting with the micro-world: the micro-organisms part of our being and our environment. To engage the society in a critical discourse of technology, Mirela has led and founded community wetlabs in Copenhagen and Berlin, where she organizes frequent workshops with people of diverse backgrounds (read more on

=== What to expect at >top:
We value high quality content, thus all lectures and talks are given by expert scientists or established artists. All workshops are hands-on, i.e., you will have the occasion to do scientific procedures. We provide all materials, as well as the necessary instructions. Our workshops are open to anyone, regardless of their educational background. We welcome participants under 18 yrs old, but we prefer to be informed ahead and have an adult that accompanies them. The entry fee covers part of the workshop materials and costs of maintaining >top space. Our fees may vary over time, reflecting the current financial needs. We welcome any donations at any time, as well as collaborations. We always have tea and snacks (free), beer (2€) and a great community to connect to.

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