Special dinner and public listening session around ‘Tracing Dystopian Dialogues’ 

14.10.2018 (20:00-24.00)

The sound work ‘Tracing Dystopian Dialogues’ is a coproduction of the sound art festival ‘Dystopia. Berlin-Istanbul’ and the Austrian Kunstradio. It will be broadcast on 14th October, 2014 at 23h. On this occasion we would like to invite you to join us for a dinner with interventions followed by a joint listening of  the piece on the Ö1 Kunstradio program, including a short interview and two other sound works of Ines Lechleitner (‘Kaltes Brodeln’, 2016, with Alessandra Eramo and the new piece ‘The Semi Wild’, 2018, with anthropologist Juno Parrenas).

The sound composition based on interviews conducted this June in Istanbul around the notion of dystopia and utopia. During the interviews Lechleitner, who does not speak Turkish, created a visual code for each voice. Based on these recordings in Turkish and the visual codes, Ines Lechleitner and Tuçe Erel compose a sound work from the raw sound recordings following the voice’s tone, intonation and melody in parallel to its content. The final piece, which is accompanied by a graphic notation drawing, reflects the subject matter not as a collection of stories but as fragmented meaning and situations that cannot be patched together other than by their musical qualities and the composition itself. The piece plays with the negation of narration as an expression of self-censorship, a daily experience for many of the people interviewed. 

The listening session will be organized at Top Transdisciplinary Project Space in Neuköln. On this special occasion, Ines Lechleitner and Tuçe Erel will cook their favorite dishes for guests. During this dinner guests will experience food and selected art works by Ines Lechleitner. The doors open at 20:00, dinner starts at 20:30 and the broadcasting will start at 23:00. (There will be vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes). We will ask 3-5€ donation for the food and you may purchase drinks at the space. We can only host up to 20 people for this dinner / listening event, please do confirm your attendance, via email tuce (at) me (dot) com

The sound composition Tracing Dystopian Dialogues is a collaboration between the artist Ines Lechleitner and the curator Tuçe Erel. It is based on interviews conducted in June, 2018 in Istanbul around the notion of dystopia and utopia.

Organised by Ines Lechleitner and Tuçe Erel 
Image: Ines Lechleitner, “Triangular Dialogues”, 2018, photograph, 40×40 cm.