Workshop Cultures and Colonies

7.03.2019 (15h-18h and 19h30-21h)
8.03.2019 (10-13h)
at “ruine hq”, Ihmeplatz 7e, 30449 Hanover

The workshop invites the audience to explore their own symbiotic relationship with organisms inside and outside themselves. By using SCOBI – a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast – and other samples from the surroundings of ruine hq as metaphors for the complex organization of microorganisms in the environment, the workshop reflects on the role of a single organism in relation to its habitat. What does symbiosis really mean? How can we understand the complex interaction between microorganisms, plants and animals? How is self-organization related to being alive?

For the practical part, the participants are invited to cook medium for the microorganisms, take care of them, discuss the outcomes and make a time laps photography as an artistic output of the workshop. Please tell us you are coming beforehand at info [at] ruinhq [dot] org

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Mirela Alistar (assistant professor, University of Colorado Boulder) investigates the extent to which we can change healthcare to make it a personal process. Her research focuses around microfluidic biochips, devices that enable direct interaction of humans with their microbiome for diagnosis purposes. Mirela is an active contributor to the DIYBio movement, having led and co-founded community wetlabs. In this context, she organizes interactive performances, art installations and open workshops, in order to engage the public in direct interaction with living materials (e.g., bacteria, viruses, fungi).

Mindaugas Gapševičius is an artist, since 2016, he has been conducting PhD research at Bauhaus University, Weimar, where he holds an artistic associate chair. He is one of the initiators of the BioMedia network of Nordic and Baltic countries, founded in 2017. In 2017, he set up the first community-based biolaboratory in Berlin, together with colleagues from the TOP Association. His works question the creativity of machines, and do not presume humans are the only creative force.

ruine hq
Ihmeplatz 7e
30449 Hanover <>

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