AslieMk – “Secreted Functions” performance

Sat 23.02.2019 (19:00 – 21:00)
Top: Schillerpromenade 4

Top Transdisciplinary Project Space is hosting AslieMk’s new performance work “Secreted Functions” on behalf of Posthumanism Reading Group, hosted by Tuçe Erel. AslieMk will use the TopLab as a stage and invite audience to be an observant of an on-going experiment throughout the performance, which explores exchange of body-liquids – here exchange of saliva and other undefined liquids – of two bodies and sampling of the exchanged liquids, which will be investigated after the performance on behalf of the mini-residency at TopLab. “Secreted Functions” will display AslieMk’s bodies will become a machine, which will enable the exchange of body liquids to explore the transformation of microorganisms in human body.

Tuçe Erel, curator, art writer, has been hosting Posthumanism Reading group at Top Transdisciplinary Project Space since February 2018. On behalf of the reading group, she curates and hosts exhibitions, artist talks and performances. “Secreted Functions” will engage with TopLab infrastructure (a DIY community bio-lab located at the project space) and in collaboration with TopLab member Mirela Alistar (scientist/artist) samples collected during the performance will be analyzed for the next stages of the work.

The performance will be held in collaboration of Top Transdisciplinary Project Space and international performance art platform Performistanbul supported by SAHA. The performance will also be supported by Roberto Cimetta Mobility Fund.

AslieMk is the performance duo project of Aslı Dinç and Mustafa Kemal Yurttaş, based in Istanbul, Turkey.

They explore the nature of being duo around the keywords like posthuman, psychogeography, cosmic, ghostly-becoming and schizo-creative. Their performances include experiences in-between performative intervention and performative sculpture using new media, video, photography, audio installations. Since 2012, AslieMk continued their performances in public spaces, abandoned buildings, art festivals and non-profit organizations. Since 2016, AslieMk is represented by international performance art platform Performistanbul.


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