Creativity and Neuroscience Workshop: Art Therapy and the Psyche

Mon. 09.09.2019, from 18:00 – 21:00

Join us again at >top in Schillerpromenade 4,

where we welcome you to learn about, discuss, and experience the application and research into art creation as psychological therapy tool. Dr. Michelle Meredyth-Stewart will present how art-making is used in diagnosis and therapy, and lead us through some exercises and experiments for a personal relation to the practice

The creative act is in a feedback loop of doing and experiencing. In the plastic brain, this has effects of reshaping habits, restructuring thought, and even recovering damage. Observing the process creates recursive insight into both the art and the self. In a workshop format, we will explore what exactly it is about ‘making art’ that induces these effects, and how they might be accessible to us individually and philosophically.

Exercises are focused on alternative ways to generate art without strong needs for technique, and an experiment on the effect of actions on physiological markers of stress.

How does making art give insight into our individual and social experience?
How does our brain’s reactions to making art affect our definition of art?

Snacks and Drinks available, as well as art supplies.

Bring your own paper and colours if you have them.

Image: Sara Simula, Layers of Reality, detail photo taken by Nailya Bikmurzina

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