Exhibition: E to the power of 6 by Johan Eriksson and Mattias Larson

Thur. 12th September from 7pm: Opening

Fri. 13th September 7pm: Artist Talk & Soup

Sat. 14th September 8pm: DJ set with Joetheman & Xangoson

Drawn fictitious urban maps on recycled envelopes by Johan Eriksson and a model of sustainable development, built on site with household waste by Mattias Larson.

Johan Eriksson about his art: ”I designed my first maps a five-year-old. The inspiration for drawing ones own urban landscapes came from an interest in Stockholm’s buildings, traffic and rail-related public transport and also how this is depicted in maps and city plans. Eventually I discovered more of the outside world and other major cities such as. Beijing, Berlin, Pittsburgh and others. During the 1990s, I started a correspondence with various traffic companies around the world regarding modern tram traffic in Stockholm.

Some of the envelopes I work with come from these traffic companies, others are from friends who send me letters from different countries. Different sorts of stamps, addresses on or a fold in the envelope form the conditions I must relate to. I see a possible picture in the relationships between these, how the cities are built in relation to an imaginary topography and cultural monuments. The cities I draw are fictional, but are still quite realistic. Cities have their built-in restrictions.

All the maps are cut-outs from larger-conceived cities that are to function as if realistic. These compositions can nevertheless express or be perceived as patterns, images or films…”

Mattias Larson: ”I´m building a model tram line that curves through a collection of garbage bags filled with household waste consisting of packaging in plastic, paper and metal.
The garbage has been processed and placed so that they form a futuristic urban environment that can be seen from the inside through a camera, mounted in the tram.
The image from the camera is transmitted wirelessly to a computer and is projected onto a screen in the gallery and can also be viewed via a streaming link on the Internet.
The installation has a rubbish exterior which, more closely, proposes an optimistic belief in the future based on existing renewable energy technology.”


Johan Eriksson: www.johaneriksson.nu 

Mattias Larson: www.glimp.se/larson