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>top lab is the first DIY Biohack lab in Berlin seeking to enhance the use of equipment available in the home kitchen. It is a place for curiosity, creativity and interdisciplinary research, a platform for science and creativity. It provides access to biotech equipment in order to perform hacks and do collaborative practices. Top Lab is a safe environment for experiments of collaborative learning, interdisciplinary and democratization of knowledge. It is a place to meet other artists and scientists that share the same fields of interest and therefore can exchange knowledge and experience.

The community behind the >top lab explores possibilities of the societal shift towards the understanding and consciousness of human species as a balanced part of the ecosystem we live by and within. It involves those who are interested in working between the studio, the kitchen and the laboratory, because food culture, experimental lab culture and artistic or creative practice overlap. It aims in building bridges to people or groups of people that are usually not so involved in labs.

The community of >top lab works with animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms and molecular biology promoting open ethical discussion and respecting every living being.

>top lab is part of the DIYbio network. It is supported by the TOP Association for the Promotion of Cultural Practice, >top Schillerpalais project space and a broad community of biohackers, artists and scientists in Berlin and elsewhere in the world.

Photos: Mindaugas Gapsevicius, Amalie Frederiksen and friends.