Online Movement and Mind Workshop

Tue. 28.04.2020
Creativity & Neuroscience MeetUp is pleased to announce it’s 1 year anniversary! We couldn’t be more excited to share with you this month’s ONLINE workshop with Sophie Mars…

Hoping to update your software in time for spring? Looking to understand more about how your body can reprogramme your mind? Meet Sophie Mars, dance movement therapist, dance artist and body researcher. In her interactive online workshop you’ll be able to explore and learn more about your body-mind connection.

Join if you’re curious about the neuroscience of dance and dance therapy, this workshop will include a mix of description and physical examples, as well as references to scientific dance therapy and movement studies.

About Sophie:
Sophie Mars is a performance artist, dancer, dance movement therapist, movement director, and body researcher. She is interested in participatory, sensory, and immersive work exploring new collective energy and idiosyncratic ritual as a new means of viewing and transforming space both physically and ontologically. Always interrogating the role of the body in today’s digital context, she uses virtual-, and augmented reality to explore physical and virtual interstices, creating uncanny, dreamlike worlds that are both familiar and utterly surreal. You’ll find more about Sophie and her work at

Suggested donation: 8€
The meeting will be held via Zoom

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About EDGE:
We are international group of artist-scientists, a community, with a keen interest, and varied perspectives on the intersections between art and neuroscience.

Our annual multi-media exhibition is at the heart of what EDGE is, showing art from and about neuroscience held this year in early October. We aim to share the beauty of our nervous system and to bridge the divide between the lab and the outside world.