Going in-formal: learning arts and contemporaneity

A two years collaborative programme (08.2012 – 7.2014) together with Institute for Colour from Oslo and kim? Contemporary Art Centre from Riga, supported by the EU programme for lifelong learning – Grundtvig: practical learning for adults. The project entitled “Going in-formal: learning arts and contemporaneity” aims to improve the international collaboration in the field of non-formal education, to share experience, to exchange ideas and knowledge on interdisciplinary culture, to strengthen awareness regarding contemporary art and to create a certain basis for a long-lasting collaboration.

The project started with a visit to Riga where kim? introduced Mindaugas Gapsevicius from top e.V. to their structure and plans for the next years. Going in-formal continues with the next mobility to Oslo and Bergen. Along extended research of Oslo cultural scene and events, Jan Goldfuss will participate in a Migrating Art Academies seminar in Bergen “The Invisible Seminar: Space.” The seminar will focus on questions of spatial practice, and the immaterial and ephemeral. Space is often understood as the rooms we move through and inhabit. In thinking space we imagine particular forms and envision concrete materiality. Yet space may also be understood as a volume of air hovering within and between rooms – as the immaterial and intangible matter that takes shape through architectural structure, and through daily use. Space can also be understood as a place for encounter.

“Going in-formal: learning arts and contemporaneity” is supported by EU programme for lifelong learning (Grundtvig)

Institute for Colour

kim? Contemporary Art Centre

The Invisible Seminar: Space